English version : I'll be the man I'm still waiting for

Short-story by Christine ROMERO - "Le Théâtre des Femmes" company

Translated from French by Camille Cruel / Christine Romero (with the friendly-eye of Sophie Benisti)

Extract :


        Too late, I paid for our fury. Blood was shed for two months. It bothered him. I enjoyed spoiling the doll I had become.

 Though I asked, I didn’t know when he came back to Paris. He would call me, I hesitated.

 But he played well between our laughter and my anger…

        Since he thought I was sparkling, I had the show going on! As I had no news, I called him and declaim a very sonorous tirade to ruin the appetite of his Egyptians clients! He did not like it at all.

      Repentant hellion, I took off my mask and declared my love for him. He answered “I do not love you; I am afraid of loving you because I know you are going to leave me; I love the way you love me.” I put my hellion’s mask back on.

Risk everything to have him back from San Francisco or Berlin! When he forgot my birthday, I understood his “commitment issues” for I didn’t condone his infidelity. Humiliated, I called him a bloody bastard, neutered by its mistress. Territory marking, all over the world. He took advantage of it to turn the tables.

 Finally, he repudiated me, downgraded to the status of “ancestral evil”. But you can be sure that with the trust fund of his old bag, he would have gone for requesting my hand in marriage! Standards again. Just shut up and be rich.

C. Romero